Blenders: The Kitchen's Multi-Tasking Gadget

It's safe to say that almost all the households have a blender in the kitchen. It may vary on the power capacity as some works harder than the others. And it goes the same with the owners; some are just more skilled in using their blenders as some only use it for a single purpose. Having the right information on your blenders capacity and function may just help you maximize it and at the same time make you a lot of savings.


Everyone knows that blenders are made for blending and that is why they are named the way they are. Yes, even children know that these tools are used for blending all sorts of drinks and juices. They can easily find that from Kate at blenders101 as well.


But there are many ways to blend drinks. One can make a shake, a smoothie, an ice cream beverage and even vegetable juices in one single blender appliance. If your even feeling fun, you may add a few drops of liquor into your drinks. This is a perfect family tool as the different members of the family can make their own kinds of drinks in it and enjoy the process of making it as it is very simple.


The blender power is the indicator on what can be blended in it. Hard nuts cannot be blended in a machine with very little horse power so you should know more about your blender before stuffing it with any ingredient. You must enjoy this post from


Aside from drinks, blenders can also be used for making salsa dips and purees fit for chips and nachos. It is easy to use so if you are looking for a delicious snack that's quick to prepare then you can make your own salsa. Appetizers such as soups can also be created on a simple blender. You can ask friends about easy soup recipes and prepare it in a matter of minutes.


If there's a baby in the house then there's nothing like an all natural baby food to feed the baby. You can stay away from processed or canned baby food and start making your own baby food. This way you are sure that your baby is eating healthy and with no preservatives at that. Simply put in the veggies in the blender it will instantly mash the vegetable for you and ready for consumption right away. The blenders 101 website can give you more inputs on this.


Are you tired of buying spices on groceries that seem to be over-priced? Well you can start making your own home-made spices that will cost you very little compared to when you purchase in the super market. Aside this you can even grind your own coffee! Wouldn't it be great to smell coffee in the morning and knowing that you prepared it yourself?